Emotions - they are our daily companion, sometimes we can control them, but sometimes the horses literally run away with us. Without emotions we couldn't live the way we do. We usually evaluate every situation we find ourselves in based on our feelings. They make it easier for us to communicate with others, let us make friends, feel joy or sadness, and let us love and feel love. Although we are not always aware of it, we also make most decisions based on our gut instinct - even if we have the feeling that we are looking at something rationally and weighing it up, it is usually the first impulse, the first gut feeling that influences a decision.


Effects on our body

All of our feelings also come with a physical reaction. The more intensely we feel, the more clearly we physically react to it. Our thoughts, feelings and our body are directly connected to each other. So it's not surprising that negative emotions can have a negative impact on our bodies and vice versa.

Stress, depressive thoughts and negative emotions don't feel good for any of us. The feeling alone tells us that something is wrong. However, many people are not yet fully aware that the effects of our negative feelings are also serious on our bodies and our health. For example, extreme anger causes adrenaline levels to rise and the body is exposed to severe stress - which can also have a negative effect on the heart. Lack of motivation, extreme tiredness and even chronic exhaustion are the result when we are sad, especially over a long period of time. People with a lot of depressive thoughts are also more likely to become addicted to alcohol or drugs, and a negative mood can cause the immune system to deteriorate.


Laughing is healthy!

Positive emotions and a relaxed state of mind, on the other hand, help us deal better with stressful situations and support us in achieving both psychological and physical balance. Feelings of happiness strengthen our immune system, reduce physical pain, accelerate wound healing and also have a positive effect on hormone levels. The happiness hormones dopamine and serotonin help lower blood pressure, digestion and help us cope with difficult situations better. If we are doing well, the people around us also feel it. Positive emotions also help us form valuable and enriching relationships. If we are balanced or radiate pure joy of life, we can make others happy and share our inner happiness. Social interaction also has a very positive effect on our well-being. If we are valued, are careful and respectful of ourselves and others, feel affection, closeness and especially love, we can find happiness much more easily.

So we should try to think about our health on our next bad day. Whether it's worth letting the negative emotions control our body or whether we should take a deep breath, try to relax, deal with the negative thoughts and get up again the next morning with a little smile.




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