Due to the restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic, the use of fitness studios is currently impossible in many places or exercise is only possible outdoors and during the day. However, since there are numerous alternatives, Supz presents two example workouts that can also take place without a sports facility. One of them is for everyone who likes to exercise outside in the fresh air, the other is intended as a home workout in your own four walls.

Two new SUPZ training videos for outdoor sports

In the last article “ OUTDOOR SPORT – STAY ACTIVE IN WINTER DESPITE CORONA!” “, the benefits of exercise and the health benefits of outdoor exercise - especially during this pandemic - were highlighted. The advantages and disadvantages of outdoor and indoor workouts were discussed. Now a training program for each of the options is presented in a video. In this way, the execution of the exercise can be optimally presented and everything that needs to be taken into account can be better visualized.

The perfect warm-up for outdoor sports

The warm-up is an important part of the training. Especially when you do sports outdoors in winter, your body shouldn't lack full range of motion. Static stretching exercises are less recommended, but dynamic mobility exercises are. They prepare the body optimally and specifically for active exercises with a full range of motion.
The Supz Mobility Routine is suitable as a warm-up - now on YouTube !

Outdoor Workout mid-level - advanced:

Indoor Home Workout low-mid-level - advanced

When working out at home, the focus is more on conditioning than on outdoor sports. The exercises are controlled, but carried out as quickly as possible. In contrast to outdoor sports exercises, repetitions are not counted, but training is done for a limited period of time. Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds; if possible, all eight exercises are performed one after the other without a break. If this is not initially feasible, a 15-45s break can be introduced after each exercise (depending on your needs). After the 8 exercises there is a 90-150 second break - again, depending on your fitness level and needs. Women tend to need fewer breaks than men. 4-6 rounds are completed:

Ines Schulz
Ines Maria Schulz, born on December 1st, 1992 in Basel, Switzerland, also completed her Master of Education in Biology and WAH there, laying the foundation for the understanding of physiology and anatomy as well as nutrition. She is also a trained primary school sports teacher. For two years she has been a coach at MTM Personal Training, the most successful personal training studio in Berlin. There she supports customers every day who want to exploit their maximum potential in terms of mental and physical health and performance. In cooperation with doctors like Dr. Dominik Nischwitz and a laboratory for intestinal health as well as the constant exchange within the team, she can provide her customers with optimal advice about training, nutrition, micronutrients and lifestyle. She has already written a breakfast book and a large part of a lifestyle booklet for MTM. She also writes the weekly newsletter, which publishes nutritional tips and recipes she has created. Ines has completed seminars and certificates with a variety of successful coaches and specialists and is constantly expanding her skills. The young trainer has been writing blog articles for Supz Nutrition since January 2019.

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