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Supz Shaker

Supz Shaker for perfect shaking with BlenderBall®.
Easy to transport and attach with the "loop".

Dish washer safe, shockproof, odor-resistant.

Height: 25,4 cm

Width: 9,22 cm

Capacity: 820 ml

Weight: 159 g

Material: BPA-free Eastman Tritan

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Say goodbye to lumpy protein shakes

Because the BlenderBall® is made from stainless steel it can stay in the bottle as long as needed - nothing rusts, nothing flakes off.

The "loop" is perfect for attaching your Supz shaker to your gym bag or backpack.

BPA-free Supz Shaker without any plastic softeners. The material is odor-resistant, dishwasher safe in the top compartment and shockproof.

The capacity is 820 ml, a scale up to 760 ml is printed on the outside of the shaker.