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On everyone's lips: Our teeth and their importance for the health of the entire body

On everyone's lips - Dr. Dominik Nischwitz

Biological dentistry.

288 pages

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If the mouth is not healthy, illnesses arise

Our mouth is not just for smiling, our teeth can do more than chew and our tongue does more than just taste and swallow.

The oral cavity is a delicate ecosystem and the gateway to our body. We eat through our mouths, we speak to others through our mouths - and it is central to the health of the entire body. If the mouth is not healthy, illnesses arise: from irritability, fatigue and obesity to cardiovascular diseases, strokes, Alzheimer's and cancer - everything begins in the mouth.

Dr. Dominik Nischwitz, pioneer of biological dentistry, uses the latest science to explain everything we didn't know about our teeth and how to go from a healthy mouth to a healthy body.

»Good to read and full of sometimes surprising information about the connection between teeth and the body.«Brigitte (May 22, 2019)