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Nutritional design according to Dr. Dominik Nischwitz (PDF download)

Food design by Dr. Dominik Nischwitz

This product is a PDF download.

The food design uses nutrition in its pure form as the basis for all biochemical processes in the body and as medicine for healing purposes. Nutrition should be designed to be healthy and powerful in the long term. A healthy body is both efficient and aesthetic. Excess body fat is eliminated over time all by itself, as the metabolism gets going again and the body's own functions such as building, detoxification and elimination are back in full swing. Nutrient deficiencies are compensated, cells regenerate and bones, muscles, skin, hair and nails become more stable. Learn in this easy-to-understand guide how to put together your individual nutritional design so that your body runs at full speed and you become optimally healthy and efficient:

  • So-called superfoods, food intolerances and food toxins are explained.
  • Food misconceptions will be corrected.
  • No calorie counting!
  • No dieting!
  • Learn to develop your personal nutritional design for maximum health and performance.
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