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Don't buy vitamins for your children until you know exactly what's in them

"The children's vitamins on the market did not meet our needs and so we made our own..."

Dr. Dominik Nischwitz & Steffi Nischwitz
Health professionals and proud parents of 4 children

We present...
Supz Super Berriez

Important vitamins and minerals for children.

Children love the taste of our gummy berries. Special composition with high-quality ingredients for daily support without unwanted additives.

Since we couldn't find any children's vitamins that met our high standards, we set to work ourselves.

My husband and I have been advocates of a healthy and optimized lifestyle our entire lives.

As a health professional with over 20 years of experience, my husband has developed a number of popular adult nutritional supplements.

Knowing the children's supplement industry, we decided to do better.

Much better!

And so, after years of planning and research, we can finally introduce you to Supz Super Berriez: the premium multivitamin gummy berries, packed with important vitamins and minerals for your child's development.

And best of all: Unlike traditional vitamins, these gummy berries taste so good that your child will crave them every day.

Super Berriez is different

Sups Super Berriez Multi Supreme Gummies

Gives the growing body what it needs and nothing it doesn't need

Other vitamin gummies for children

Ingredients that we would not expose our children to

All important vitamins
Kid-friendly taste
No excess sugar
No artificial colors
Important vitamins are missing
Unpleasant taste
Sugar bombs
Chemical cocktails

12 important vitamins and minerals

Vitamin A
vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Vitamin B3
Vitamin B5
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Folic acid
Vitamin E

No questionable ingredients, no allergens

GMO free
Gluten free
Made in Germany
Without artificial flavors
Without synthetic colouring
Without synthetic sweeteners
100% sugar free

The Super Berriez are ripped out of my hands at home.

So it's not an additional task for me to remember to provide my children with enough vitamins, the children remind me of this every day because they want their Berriez!

And I like to snack along! Simply delicious and great support for our immune system.

— Chressen, doctor, 40

3 Kinder

Did you know that

Did you know that 89.2% of children in Germany do not eat the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables that they need for optimal nutrition?

A healthy and balanced diet is the basis for an optimal supply of vitamins and minerals.

We actually all know that by now, and yet...

According to a long-term study by the Robert Koch Institute, 87.7% of girls and 90.6% of boys in Germany do not eat enough fruit and vegetables to promote their growth and development.

As a mother, I do my best to ensure optimal nutrition for my children because I know that nothing can replace it.

The recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables is 5 servings...

And it's just good when I can support the whole thing with the right vitamins...

The only multivitamin gummy berries we allow our children

Made by parents - not business people. The health and well-being of our children is our #1 priority - NOT profit.

That's why we refused to save money anywhere.

> We use the best form of the most important vitamins and minerals... (in the quantities ideal for children)

> We have them manufactured in a German factory... (and not in China or India!)

> We make them fresh in small batches... (so they don't sit on the shelves for years!)

> They are delicious and easy for children to eat... (So there are no more arguments!)

> We are VERY picky about all ingredients... (Because children's health is more important than profit margin!)

So if you want to give your child a multivitamin that was developed by real parents (and not business people), then you've come to the right place.

My two boys Noa and Mika love the Super Berriez very much. With 2 Berriez a day, her daily requirements are already covered.

I am completely satisfied and happy to have found the Berriez!

— Amelia, 34

2 Kinder

Try 2 months of Super Berriez now at the introductory price of...

Limited time offer

Great Berriez

Multi Supreme Berriez

1x can corresponds to a supply of

2x months

Limited time offer

Great Berriez

Multi Supreme Berriez

1x can corresponds to a supply of

2x months

jetzt 32

Our best offer ever

For parents who want to give their child only the best

  • > Perfect support for growing children
  • > Free from all the junk that others use
  • > Free from allergens
  • > Full money back guarantee
  • > Every bottle sold supports the German Children's Fund
  • > Made with love and care by real parents

For parents who want to give their child only the best

With every purchase of Super Berriez you help children in need

Every child deserves the chance to live a happy and healthy life.

That's why we donate part of the profit from the purchase of Super Berriez to the German children's aid organization, which works for children and counteracts child poverty in Germany.

Every purchase from Super Berriez not only benefits your own child, but also directly impacts the lives of disadvantaged children.

This is an opportunity to invest in your child's health and in the future of other children at the same time!

Support us in our mission to help children all over Germany lead healthy and dynamic lives!

Try Super Berriez now without risk! With our “Face of Delight” guarantee.

We are so confident that your child will love the taste of our Super Berriez that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We call it our “Face of Delight Guarantee.”

Here's how it works: Give your child their first Super Berry. then watch as your child beams as the delicious berry flavor unfolds its magic.

Your child is happy because they are getting something sweet that tastes good and you are happy because you are doing something good for your child!

If for any reason you or your child are not 100% satisfied - or you simply change your mind - let us know within 30 days. We will then refund the full purchase price, no questions asked.

We answer your questions

Limited time offer

Great Berriez

Multi Supreme Berriez

1x can corresponds to a supply of

2x months

Limited time offer

Great Berriez

Multi Supreme Berriez

1x can corresponds to a supply of

2x months

jetzt 32

For parents who want to give their child only the best