Our Mission

Healthy, Strong and Balanced.

shutterstock_739962634-e1519997971562The "Supz Nutrition Way of Life” stands for peak energy levels, high concentration, good sleep and a perfectly nourished body without deficiencies. We want to help you to achieve this and know how crucial the right nutrients are. Our supplements have a high bioavailability and are of premium quality. This ensures that the body can easily absorb the nutrients and deliver them to where they are needed most. The right diet and exercise are essential for a healthy body and spirit. We want to make it possible for anyone to invest in his or her health, so you can achieve something in your life! Therefore, we don’t just provide you with premium quality supplements but also with our blog which keeps you updated on the latest news and tips about health, nutrition, exercise and meditation.

Our philosophy is premium quality for everyone.

The supplement market is not transparent and can be hard to navigate. We are very straightforward and you can be sure that all of our supplements have the best quality and functionality.

We stand for innovation und don’t settle for mediocrity.

Our nutrient combinations and monoproducts are developed by an expert team with special knowledge in the supplement industry under the guidance of Dr. Dominik Nischwitz to insure that we can offer the most innovative and effective products. That’s the Supreme Way of Life – that’s Supz Nutrition!