Home training or gym part 2 – Two alternative programs

Structured weight training with additional weights in a well-equipped gym makes sense at any age - as long as it is targeted and individually coordinated. But what do you do if you travel a lot on business, cannot find a babysitter or only have 30 minutes? There is always a way to do a short workout from home, while travelling or in the office during your lunch break. In the long term, however, structured strength training should be carried out under the guidance of a competent coach. This is the only way to achieve sustained and constant progress.

Training options without gym for at home or on vacation     
As already explained in the first article on the subject of strength training, it makes the most sense for various reasons to have a competent coach in a gym draw up individual training plans. However, if you have to temporarily do without the equipment in the gym at home or on the road on a business trip or on vacation, we would like to present two different workouts here that work without a lot of equipment. However, the following should be considered:

! The execution of the movement is crucial: Before the workout is completed in one go, the individual exercises should be learned in peace and quiet.

! If an exercise causes pain, there will either be a structural imbalance, the execution will not be correct or the mobility for it will be missing. In any case you should consult a specialist.


Workout 1 - Easy Homeworkout - little equipment required - Suitable for home or travel
For the workout you will need a mini loop tape and possibly a mat. Depending on the room, the loop tape may be sufficient and shoes do not necessarily have to be worn. In a hotel room with clean carpeting this works quite well.

The exercises A1 - A4 are all consutive. From the sequence, depending on the current fitness level, 4-5 rounds are completed. After A1, A2 and A2 there is always a 30 sond break. Between A4 and A1, i.e. from one round to the next, there is a 60 sond break. The pace of execution is fast but controlled.

A1 – 15 rep. deep knee bend optional HE, 30s break

A2 – Plank Hold 45 s, 30s break

A3 – Reverse Lunges 24 rep. gesamt, 30s break

A4 – 15 toe touches, optional bending of legs, 60s break

B1 and B2 are done alternately, depending on the current fitness level 3-4 rounds. Between the two exercises there are always 45 sondsbreak, where the eccentric movement should be a little slower than the concentric movement, in order to control the respective muscle better.

B1 – 15 rep. trap 3 raise on floor, 45s break 

B2 – 15 rep. Hip Hinge with loop tape, 45s break


Workout 2 - Fortgeschrittenes Homeworkout - Basic equipment required
The workout requires dumbbells and a pull-up bar or something similar that fulfills their function. The intensity is especially higher for the A Series than for the first workout. For the unit, you should already have training experience and a certain strength base.

A1 and A2 are done alternately. From A1 to A2 there is no break, but after A2 there is a break of 120 sonds. If pull-ups are not yet possible in the number of repetitions, there is a facilitated variation. The push-up could also be done from the knees as a variation. There will be 5 rounds. The speed should be well controlled so that the concentric movement, i.e. pulling and pushing, is significantly faster than the eccentric one.

A1 – 4-6 rep. Pull-up or variation: release 30s, 10s break

A2 – 12-15 rep. push-up, 120s break

B1 and B2 are done alternately. There is always a 60 sond break between the two exercises. 3-4 rounds should be made of them. Also here the eccentric movement should be done slower than the concentric movement.

B1 – KH Split Squat 10-12, 60s break

B2 – KH Romanian Deadlift 12-15, 60s break

C1 and C2 also take place alternately, but with breakn of 45 sonds each. With C1, the release of the legs should be slower, the pull up fast. C1 is performed continuously at a fast pace.

C1 – 8-12 rep. Hanging knee to chest, 45s break

C2 – 20-30 rep. Mountain climbers, 45s break

Ladies Workout with mini loop tape

A1 – 20 rep. Abduction mini loop tape

A2 – 20 rep. Hip Thrust mini loop tape

A3 – 20 rep. Glute Bridge mit mini loop tape 

A4 – 20 rep. Pulse Squat mit mini loop tape 

B1 – Plank Body Saw 20-30 rep.

B2 – Reverse Crunch 15-20 rep.





Ines Schulz
Ines Maria Schulz, geboren am 01.12.1992 in Basel, Schweiz hat auch dort den Master Of Education in Biologie und WAH abgeschlossen, womit sie den Grundstein für das Verständnis von Physiologie und Anatomie sowie Ernährungslehre gesetzt hat. Zudem ist sie ausgebildete Sportlehrerin für die Grundschule. Seit zwei Jahren ist sie Coach bei MTM Personal Training, dem erfolgreichsten Personal Training Studio in Berlin. Dort unterstützt sie täglich Kunden, die ihr maximales Potential bezüglich mentaler und physischer Gesundheit und ihrer Leistungsfähigkeit ausschöpfen möchten. In Kooperation mit Ärzten wie Dr. Dominik Nischwitz und einem Labor für Darmgesundheit sowie dem ständigen Austausch im Team kann sie ihre Kunden optimal über Training, Ernährung, Mikronährstoffe und Lifestyle beraten. Für MTM hat sie bereits ein Frühstücksbuch und einen grossen Teil eines Lifestyle Booklets verfasst. Zudem schreibt sie wöchentlich den Newsletter, in dem Ernährungstipps und von ihr kreierte Rezepte veröffentlicht werden. Ines hat bei verschiedensten erfolgreichen Coaches und Fachpersonen Seminare und Zertifikate absolviert und erweitert stetig ihre Kompetenz. Für Supz Nutrition ist die junge Trainerin seit Januar 2019 mit dem Verfassen von Blogartikeln aktiv.

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